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Website Development

We work with highly talented web designers that produce beautiful, responsive, innovative and inspirational websites that stand out from the crowd. Every design element of each page, from overall layouts to individual icon detail is carefully considered to meet the demands of your marketing and branding strategy, as well as providing a great user experience.

Each business we work with have varied needs and marketing objectives. We understand that there is no ‘one size that fits all’ as each business is unique and that needs to be reflected in all branding activities, including within constructing your website. We develop websites and apps with a focused project management approach.

At Sweetjar Communications we can support you with:

  • Bespoke website development
  • Off the shelve website development
  • Off the shelve with partial bespoke elements
  • Bespoke e-commerce
  • Off the shelve e-commerce
Not Looking For A Bespoke Solution

That’s not a problem, we can still work with you to find the best template and platform that suits your overall requirements. We would create a plan for each page, understanding the content and imagery required and then find suitable template options. We can populate your website whether it is B2B or B2C, and we can also support e-commerce development with team experience in building product e-commerce website.

How We Work

We start with the basics by understanding your customers first and what you think your website should entail. Using both our research and your insight we would develop a website plan that we can use to decide whether bespoke or an off the shelf template would work better for you.

Website Audit

Do you already have a website that could do with a little facelift? Or perhaps you would like a fresh pair of eyes to see if we can spot any quick wins or areas that can be improved on? We involve our entire team in the website audit process. By everyone chipping in we can investigate from all different angles to ensure a complete audit with different points of view.

Our website audit includes looking at the style of design, language used, sections of the page and videos/images used. We would also look at tags implemented for analytics, and if these appear to be set up correctly, and if required we can also get guest access to your analytics platform so we can analyse which areas of the site are most used, and mostly clicked on, to help in the audit process.

“The website is the window to your business, it’s important that window gives the right view”

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