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Everything starts with your brand, and that doesn’t just mean your logo.

That means your story, who you are, your business’ personality, the tone of voice you use, and the values you hold dear. Those are the unique secret ingredients that give your business its one-of-a-kind sweetness. It’s what people will connect with and fall in love with.

We’ll help you craft your story, and help you get clearer on who you want to reach (and what they care about), as well as where you fit in amongst your competitors. Once we’ve nailed down who you are, we’ll help you create branding material – logos, guidelines for fonts and tone of voice, colour schemes etc. – that pops with your special flavour.

Brand & Design works completed for a recent client

Brand strategy; understanding your audience’s persona; identifying competition and building a unique identity are all core elements that help you build a strong successful brand. We’ve included an example of our branding work, and you can see more within our portfolio.

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