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Creative Solutions

Sweetjar Communications offer a range of creative solutions ranging from photography, videography, virtual events and product design. We are different from most digital agencies as we do not just give you the basics to building and strengthening your brand, we bring brands to life through offering an umbrella of services designed to streamline all of your marketing activities from start-up to success, from growing to global.


We have a number of freelance workers that we use when we organise events, work on e-commerce and other marketing activities.

Our photographers have years of experience within various industries, and because we have worked with our freelancers for so long, we know which photographer style works better for your needs. So whether it is a corporate event, product launch, corporate staff photos, marketing images for literature or product shots for an e-commerce website, we have it covered.

Our photographers can be both candid and non-intrusive, the results of which are natural rather than staged imagery all supporting your overall branding. We can also support you in sourcing the correct settings for a photoshoot and source the right models, so if you are a fashion company we have the experience to support you.

Video Support

Videos can be one of the most important ways of promoting your products and services, and giving your business the authentic feel. It also gives you access to the second biggest search engine in the world (YouTube). Videos inspire people to take action, motivate or influence in ways that no other medium can. That’s why they are such a powerful platform for delivering your brand messages, advertising a product, introducing the new CEO or training materials for your employees. With our range of highly skilled videographers we can create and edit videos for any type of event from any sector to use in any channel, including being part of a social media campaign.

We will work with you to plan out your video goals, set a clear brief, story board and script or create interview questions for your filming requirements. From the start of the process to completion, Sweetjar Communciations can support your filming journey.

Product Developing

Do you have a concept product that you are looking to take to market? We have a dedicated product designer with years of experience in turning your concept idea into CAD/CAD Render working out all the technical aspects for you to be able to then take away and have a prototype developed.

How We Work With You

We would either meet or have a skype call with both our developer and team member to discuss your concept and to establish the stage you are at to help determine how we can support you. We may need to work with you to refine how your concept might look and work as well as the feel of your product, taking into consideration aspects such as your price point and the potential tooling cost and scalability of your product.

We consider elements such as materials, manufacturability, mechanisms, and construction right from the start at concepts. During this stage we will iron out all the design details involved with turning an idea into reality. This often involves the creation of 3D CAD (computer aided design) models and more detailed prototypes. This phase of product development is always a bit of a roller coaster.

During the concept stage we would define your product goals and have a good indication of commercial success. At the end of this development stage the concept can be shared with prototype developers and manufacturers to get an accurate prototype and production cost estimate.

We can recommend companies to assist with your prototyping and support with your product launch strategy. Please contact us for further information.

Print Solutions

We work with a well-established print supplier who can print all types of marketing materials on very high quality materials. Our printers cover services such as:

  • Brochures and leaflets
  • Business stationery
  • Point of sale
  • Exhibition and event materials

“From photography to product design, our creative solutions add an extra sweetener to your company”

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