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Meet the people behind the scenes at Sweetjar

Ann-Marie Stephenson

Managing Director

From the minute I stepped into the gleaming marketing department of London Transport head office at the tender age of 15 for work experience, I knew from that point my career was going to be in the world of marketing. What I didn’t know is that over 20 years later I would have qualified with two degrees in the field of business and marketing, worked within various sectors in numerous marketing, communications, events and digital marketing roles and go on to be a co-founder of Sweetjar Communications.

My passion for marketing has only grown more incorporating digital marketing and events management into the fold. Over the years I have boasted my career and education in the marketing field through gaining an IPA certificate in advertising and completed a diploma run by Google, Squared online and the IPA and my hunger to learn more and develop my skills will only continue to expand.

My career experiences range from working within several different sectors including FMCG, financial, fashion, healthcare, education and many more. I have supported large multimillion pound projects but also run small projects with hardly any budget at all. My experience in such vast differences of budget, local or international means that I am equip to support any size business from the passionate start-ups to the corporate giants.

Favourite Sweet: All things milk and white chocolate based, and I do have a soft spot for the odd Crunchie Bar.

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Samirah Baurtally

Director of Marketing
& Events

When nothing goes left, go right. That is what I told myself when I stepped away from the amazing, yet demanding world of advertising. Working late hours day in and day out took its toll on me, even though I absolutely loved it, I wondered if this was the right fit for me. After finishing my MA in Marketing at Royal Holloway, I started working for a marketing agency – I knew this was field was the one. I got to do work on different tasks, using different skill sets and in 10 years, I have never looked back. Creativity has always been my forte and I loved anything that got me thinking outside the box.

During my employment history, I have worked on brands such as Coca Cola, designed and managed car dealership websites for Mercedes, Suzuki and Nissan, designed a charity’s website from scratch, held academies and seminars with some of the world’s renounced chefs and decision makers in the restaurant industry, given yearly awards to restaurants across the country, designed and managed B2B collaterals, worked and managed websites across 4 countries, worked on exciting PR campaigns and managed photoshoots to name a few.

If I had to pick a sweet to describe me, it would have to be a cinnamon hard boiled sweet (my absolute fav by the way) – sweet yet passionate and headstrong.

Denice Angiolini

Director of
Digital Marketing

Eight years ago I found myself in a job that didn’t give me joy or a sense of accomplishment, it gave me dread… Luckily, things changed as I went back to university trying to find another path in life, after which I fell into the world of PPC and digital, where I finally felt inspired with a wish to explore and learn more. Since then I have continued to develop my skills across a wide range of industries and areas of paid media, and across digital marketing in general.

During my digital career I have worked on travel, food and restaurant brands, brand awareness websites, events with over 100,000 attendees, and the British high street staples Ryman and Robert Dyas. Along the way I have kept up to date with my qualifications and the ever-changing digital environment. Having worked across a vast number of brands and markets, I have learnt that every brand is different with their own individual goals and objectives that require bespoke strategies and tactics to really succeed.

I can support your business with all things paid digital marketing. This includes, but is not limited to advertising on search engines, display, app, banner and video advertising, paid social media, analytics setup and ongoing support. I’m also able to help audit current setups and make recommendations and suggestions for improvements.

My favourite sweet is liquorice – the saltier the better to pack a punch! Although, I’m also very partial to a lot of dark chocolate.

Feel free to get in touch or network with me on LinkedIn

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